Do it yourself. Create a road map for your organization.

16 Jan 2017 / by James Pellizzi in Digital Marketing

Road maps are nothing new. You’ve heard about them in the past, and you’ll continue to hear about them in the future. If your organization doesn’t have one, it’s something you’ll need to create ASAP.

I didn’t always feel that way. In the past, I’d get ideas; then it was execution time. I assumed my process—or rather, lack thereof—helped drive innovation, but as my old boss once told me, “You are light years away from others…not in a good way, either.” So he convinced me that it’s better to bring people along with me on the journey. Get some buy-in early on. If no one understood what I was doing, it wouldn’t matter what the results, good or bad.

Maybe you can relate. In the Digital Marketing space, your challenge is to convince your organization to understand technology and what it can do for your organization’s stakeholders. If your stakeholders don’t understand the technology, there is no point to any execution work.

Consider gathering your Marketing department together for a Friday lunch or afternoon meeting and talk about two things:

1 ) What does Digital Marketing mean to your organization? Does it have a definition? Does it have different components?

2 ) Perhaps more importantly, what is your organization’s main objective and why? What overarching goal does this objective support? Is it to increase the quality of leads given to sales? Or maybe it’s just generating leads to begin with? It doesn’t have to be overly complex, but there must be a reason and a benefit to working toward this objective.

Document the meeting minutes, the definition and the objective, and send it to your Executive Team. This will begin the important process of walking alongside others in the organization and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were tasked with a building greater initiative around the topic.

When I’m tasked with a new initiative, I now use my own tried-and-true methodology in which I chart out four quadrants: Objectives, Foundational Activities, Quick Wins, and what full maturity looks like. From this work, a road map is born.

Do you need guidance to chart your own four quadrants in order to deliver a road map to your executive team? I can get you started ›

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