Digital Marketing…just get a couple of Quick Wins already

As companies continue the race to figure out how Digital Marketing can work for their organizations, don’t forget that it is indeed a race!

I think back to video games I played as a kid. One in particular, Wave Race 64, stands out. If you’ve never played the game: it allowed you to customize your own wave runner, but—because you only had so many points to work with at first—you had to be strategically selective about your wave runner’s capabilities. For example, you could use all your points on top speed, but then your handling would suffer. You could have faster acceleration, but then your ability to stop would suffer. Point being: you couldn’t start out perfect. To start with the “standard,” well-balanced model worked just fine.

And it didn’t stop you from entering the race because that was the only way to figure out what capabilities worked best for you.

Think of Digital Marketing the same way. No company ever launches in a perfect state. To find the perfect mix of integrated campaigns that connect social media, web personalization, Artificial Intelligence, CRM, Marketing Automation, etc. … it’s daunting!

Perfection can paralyze you, which will stop you from entering the race. Just pick a component already and start using it! It doesn’t have to be an integrated campaign; it doesn’t have to be anything complex. Here are a few ideas to inspire your first component. Does web personalization interest you? Display a “Welcome Back” banner on the homepage for returning visitors. How about Marketing Automation? Send out a reminder e-mail to anyone who doesn’t open your monthly newsletter. Is it social media? Create and deliver a monthly video that puts your product in a fun, unique spotlight. The list goes on. See what happens. Then, when you’ve tried a few and want to combine forces, try your strategy with another product. Scale it.

Point being, the more you use a platform, the more familiar you’ll become with it. The more familiar, the more features you’ll turn on. You can’t win the race if you never start the wave runner in the first place.

Still not sure where to start? Tried a few of these suggestions already, but you don’t know what to do next? Not sure how to scale?

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