If I were a Soda, I’d be a Can of Root Beer

If I were a Soda, I’d be a Can of Root Beer
21 Feb 2017 / by James Pellizzi in Digital Marketing

Say what?

Before you write this post off as unprofessional or something like “not LinkedIn material” consider this: You opened this blog post based on the headline… and that’s the point of a headline. To intrigue someone enough to request additional information. In the case of Digital Marketing, this happens through a click, an e-mail open, a form submit, etc.

Most companies always have on their To Do List to increase open/click rates of e-mails, website hits and above all else, form submits. The good companies know this is done through a content strategy (A greater conversation).

Consider two things with your messaging:

1) Headlines that are out there. Headlines that will get a reaction. Headlines that will make someone feel something. Many advertising & marketing companies are pushing for what’s known as human marketing, based on emotions… and they are right to do so.

Take this with a grain of salt, but no one is going to read “ACME Widgets have Industry Leading Quality.”

2) Brands and value propositions that are straight forward. Not everything has to be witty or over the top. Take me for example. My LLC’s name is Strategic Digital Marketing. I’ve never had to explain to prospects what I do. It’s painfully obvious that I can help with their Digital Marketing Strategy.

When someone clicks your headline, is the follow-up information direct and easy to understand?

Back to reality, you likely can’t write about the types of soda your products would be and you don’t want to land in Spam Filters (another greater conversation), but you get my point.

Push the limits in your subjects & headlines and quickly direct them to a more obvious brand or product offering. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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