I like to Score

It’s true. I’ve hooked up with Pardot, Eloqua, Marketo and many other Marketing Automation platforms.

The hallmark trait of all these is their ability to score their contact database.

Prospecting doesn’t have to be a numbers game. Sure, if you call or e-mail enough people with the same offer, a small percentage will engage with you. You’re bound to get something.

… but why? The platform will tell you who is checking you out, what their interests are and if they want to connect. This isn’t a numbers game, it’s a relevant courtship.

People will tell you who they are and what they want. You have to listen and reach out when the timing is right. This will result in a much more rewarding relationship with your client, anyways. Why waste your time when someone isn’t ready or want what you have to offer?

A good scoring model will help your company do this and more. Check out what some of the below platforms offer in this regard:

Don’t see your platform or looking for help on how to get started? Let’s talk.


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