At the end of the last quarter, I wrote an update about the reasons I’m in business along with the things I want to accomplish (and the reasons why).

Well, another quarter has come and gone and I promised another update.  Let’s look at what I said I wanted to do last time…

I want my posts to continue to be a reflection of my personality.  To be honest, I have mixed feelings about talking about my clients, but it’s exciting and really…how else would you know if I’m making progress if I don’t do more than tell you?  Here’s a list of a few companies I’ve partnered with in Quarter 2:

  • Insite Software: A Minneapolis, MN based B2B eCommerce software company that enables manufacturers and distributors to sell digitally. I’ve helped them make the most of their Pardot Marketing Automation Platform.
  • Valassis: A Media & Marketing Firm based in Livonia, MI. I’m assisting with their social media strategy and execution for their small business division.
  • PKWare: A software security firm located in Milwaukee, WI. I’m helping with a roadmap along with execution of an enhanced Marketing Automation process using Marketo.
  • Boucher Auto Group: A group of automobile dealerships in Southeast Wisconsin. I’m an advisor to their social media efforts at one of their dealerships.

I’ve also networked with wonderful people like Erik Eklund from Canpango, Tom Flierl from Hanson Dodge, Ward Alles from Core Creative and Brent Kaufman from Ascedia.  I’m hoping when I write the update on Quarter 3 or 4, I continue to mention their names.  They are polished, smart & kind professionals and if I ever draw a comparison to any of them, I’ll take it as a compliment.

My eyes are open to give back.  I dedicated a few Saturday mornings to Next Door Milwaukee, helping repair books for less fortunate children in the greater Milwaukee area.  Admittedly so, at the moment, my main focus is to continue growing my client base…not sure how i feel about it, actually.

I don’t know how I would measure it, but I will say this.  Every time I do a road map session or a sales consultation discussing the Digital Landscape, I generally get a good reaction.  I’ve done it for people based in California, Utah, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Wisconsin…with no plans to stop.  I make a point to let them know the presentation and person (me) is based in Milwaukee, WI.  I love doing it.

I’m on the right track.  I’m moving forward everyday… but I’m not yet in a spot to warrant renting an office space or hiring an administrator to help with the work load.  I find it interesting that working from home in Winter and early Spring was no issue whatsoever.  Oh it’s cold and wet/frozen outside?  No problem.  I’ll stay inside making phone calls, writing e-mails and executing Marketing Automation strategies.  Now in summer, though, by the afternoon and a hot sun beaming through my windows, it’s not the same.  I find myself scheduling onsites in the afternoon or heading to coffee shops.  I’m telling myself to enjoy the freedom, which is funny…because it doesn’t shut my brain off 😉

There you have it.  I’m six months in and still loving the roller coaster and still paving forward on doing something I want to be great.  At this point, my days are mostly spent on client work, but I continue to go on sales calls, I continue to get rejected/ignored, I continue to learn about the length it takes a prospect to go through my pipeline and continue to otherwise have/see strange things happen (I’ll tell you about those in the Q3 update).

Enjoy the rest of summer everyone!

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