7 Ways to Kill it with your Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an important piece of Lead Generation.

I was thinking over the weekend how many marketer’s become interested in human psychology.  It makes sense because the best marketers spend a great deal of time trying to understand their audience so they can create a message that will move them.

Here are seven ways to kill it with your content marketing and truly connect with your desired audience.

You need a strong and compelling story to tell with a brand that is visually appealing.   If your website looks like it was last updated in 1999 and your logo was drawn up on cocktail napkins, you likely need a refresh.  There is no point in creating digital content if people are going to fall off the second they hit your site.  

For example, check out www.strangetrailsmarketing.com (It was a skunkworks experiment of mine).  Regardless of the information present, I bet you’re impressed by the visuals.  Those alone will keep you on the site. 

Once you have a strong brand and a great story to tell you need to focus on the information you will provide.  Like anything else in this world, you need to know yourself and what you want before you can go get it.  The same is true of your company.  

… and don’t overwhelm your audience with options.  Ever heard of the Jelly scenario?  A lady selling Jelly offered 12 flavors and she could barely get any of her shelves.   She brought it down to 3 flavors and sold out every day.  The more options, the harder it is to select something.  Keep it all as simple as possible. 

There’s a popular saying that people will forget what you said and what you did … but they will never forget how you made them feel.  Does your product / service offer that?  My business partner talks about how products/services are more than just providing a simple solution, but rather enabling people through an experience.  

For example, a coffee shop sells coffee.  They aren’t so much selling coffee as much as they are the ability for you to make it through a long afternoon.  Your nose can smell the brew once 3 pm starts and you can imagine the wooden floors, quirky atmosphere surrounded with local art and indie music in the background.  People can get coffee anywhere, but probably not that exact experience…

Does your product/service offer something like that? No reason it couldn’t..

Yep. I know where I’ll be at 3 pm tomorrow..

People like the soft approach.  When was the last time that coming on too strong worked for you?  Probably never.  The same needs to be true of your content.  It doesn’t need to be gated, it doesn’t need to be followed up with immediately via a phone call.  Give away pertinent information and ask for nothing.  It sets the tone for how your relationship with the client will be.  The last thing you want to do is give a prospect the impression that you will constantly be badgering them for more, more, more. 

This is a balancing act, of course.  A good middle ground is to focus on giving away basic information, but not the whole house.  For example, I’m writing this blog about content marketing, but I’m not writing your content.  You’d have to ask for that…

Soft selling doesn’t mean keeping your intentions a secret.  Quite the opposite.  Just because you’re not going to badger them to partner, doesn’t mean it should be a secret what that partnership would be like.  Make it clear that if people enjoy your content, they should contact you to continue the conversation with x, y and z.

For example, my company helps people align the technologies, people and processes needed to be successful on the Digital Landscape for Lead Generation and increased Brand Awarness.  This includes branding/content creation and setting up all digital marketing components such as e-mail marketing, social media marketing, pay per click, Search Engine Optimization and websites.  We also do technical consultation with Marketing Automation platforms.  

^ Just remember that a post like that isn’t probably going to get a lot of likes or responses.  It’s not safe, especially if no one else is liking it… but it doesn’t mean people aren’t seeing it or remembering it. 

More on that last point, people want to know they are always safe, above all else.  A sporadic posting schedule gives people the impression that you are a start-up, immature or don’t take your commitments seriously.  Good luck getting business in that case. 

By being consistent, people can check up and see what kind of business you are, who you’re working with and try to get a sense of what it would be like to partner with you.  

Humans connect most with other humans.  Unlike point number 5, expect posts involving your employees around the office or colleagues in action doing their jobs to get a lot of love.  People crave genuine connections with others, so it’s a good way to find people who will enjoy your product/service…or just need it.  If you can do it via video, even better.  Photos can be deceiving, but videos have a tendency to show off more authenticy. 

Take my below video as an example.  It’s just me having fun and messing up an answer, but it shows a human element and gives people a sense of what it’s like to be in a room with me.  

One of my clients is a law firm in Milwaukee and there was a post of one of their attorneys advising his client in an intense photo.  It screamed, “I’ve got your back and I’m by your side no matter what through this.”  People lined up around the block to work with the guy and it goes back to the idea of feeling safe.  Digital shouldn’t replace humans, it should speed up selection and interaction. 

I’m telling you, I should have been a psychologist.  Thanks for reading!

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