Why Michael Jordan is Among the Greats of Content Marketing.

“Okay…..What does MJ have to do with digital marketing?”

A facet of digital marketing is creating content. Michael Jordan generated some of the greatest content in the ’90s by giving people something to always talk about through his jaw-dropping performances. He was always hitting stunning shot after stunning shot, suffocating defenses, and was just flat out a human highlight reel. This gave everyone something to consistently talk about whether they were a sideline reporter, a news anchor on TV, a journalist, a barber in the barbershop, or just a regular everyday “Joe”. In fact, he consistently created relevant content so often that he even was able to form a brand around himself that is still going today! Let’s dive deeper to see what MJ taught us about content marketing and see how his teaching can translate to success for your business.

He was memorable and relevant (and still is!).

In the ’90s there were players that were good, players that were great, and then there was Michael Jordan. With all the pressure on him as being known as the best player in the current generation, Jordan had to follow through and make that statement credible. He did so by creating moments that people will never forget. Many people will never forget where they were when historical moments in history took place. For those that are sports fans, many people remember where they were when they saw Jordan jump from the free-throw line in the 1988 dunk contest. Or, when he put a dagger in the Utah Jazz’s championship hopes in 1998 with a picture-esque buzzer-beater to win his 6th NBA title. We also cannot forget the flu game, where MJ played an NBA Finals game with the flu where he was clearly lethargic. He played 44 minutes in this game by the way and scored 38 points, giving the Bulls the series lead and an eventual championship in the coming days. See what I mean though! All of this content is memorable through the process of staying relevant through time. You can post all of the content you want, but if it does not make a significant impact on who is reading or watching, people will just pass it by. Be who you are as a brand (!) and try to make an impact on the consumer so they can remember your name as people remember Jordan’s name through his top moments.

MJ’s Series-Clinching Shot Leading to his 6th NBA Championship

He was as consistent as they came.

When producing content related to your brand, you want to not only be relevant and memorable but consistent as well. An example of pure consistency in the case of Jordan was his winning teams throughout the ’90s. With the help of Coach Phil Jackson, teammates Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, the Bulls dominated the 90’s winning not one, not two, but SIX championships! This consistency of championships led to so much word-of-mouth marketing for the Chicago Bulls that their ROI must have been out of the roof. Imagine their jersey sales, apparel sales, ticket sales, etc. Think of it this way. The Bulls content was created all on the court by paying different players, so that is their investment. They created the content consistently through winning and memorable games/plays. This resulted in a return far greater than I am sure the team could ever imagine. So, what did the Bulls do after winning the first few championships and seeing this ROI? They kept the team together and added new players to gather more consistent results! Being consistent does not mean putting out the same content all the time and expecting the same results. You must adjust with the times too add relevancy to your consistency. This may mean investing in an intern to run additional social media channels or creating a YouTube channel around your growing brand to visually show people what you’re up to. Even creating a podcast so people can listen to you from anywhere to is a great outlet for content! This can help you grow a brand, or create one if you’re just starting out.

He created a brand.

Generating years of memorable and relevant content consistently led to the creation of the Air Jordan Brand. Now, the content that is produced is centered around MJ himself and Nike’s brand of Air Jordan. This brand is recognizable when you see it as the “Jumpman” logo is forever embedded in the brains of even the most casual sports fan. You can barely go a day without seeing an ad, apparel, or shoes that are related to the Jordan Brand. All of this was because he was not afraid to take risks to generate memorable content on the court to keep himself relevant. Do not be afraid to produce content that is applicable to your brand as it will help grow its image and form into something beautiful. Produce content in a consistent manner while bettering it along the way by using different outlets to reach your target market. People like uniqueness and a good story that can be told, just like Michael Jordan’s story.

Be “Like Mike”

What made Michael Jordan so successful for so long was his ability to give people a powerful story to tell through his performances.

Air Jordan Lives on Forever

So what does this mean for you? What is your story or Be “Like Mike” moment? James Pellizzi & Co. insists with clients that Digital Marketing doesn’t really matter if you don’t have a strong, compelling story to share. Think about your content. Just do it.


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