My Experience with Marketing in the Digital Age

My Experience with Marketing in the Digital Age
17 May 2020 / by Sean Sweeney in Digital Marketing

What I have found in 13 years of the practice of law here in Milwaukee is that all service providers are really in sales, and all marketing is personal. I am 38 years old, which puts me right on the edge of either the youngest of Generation X or the oldest of Generation Y (commonly called Millennials). This means I have seen, first hand, the transition to digital marketing. I have come to realize that only the location has changed, the underlying mechanics have not.

All marketing is personal

This means whether you are networking via coffee and lunches, or via LinkedIn or other digital means, the key is to make a personal connection with the referral source. The underlying relationship has not changed, we have just added another way to connect with people. Perhaps this is obvious, but I believe that if service providers realized that everything is not changing with the move to digital marketing, instead we are just adding another channel to connect with people, they would see that it is not nearly as intimidating. You will also see that you do not have to change your tactics all that much.

Be nice, be helpful, provide value, and you will see the returns.

The same is true in marketing to clients digitally. Nothing has changed, just the manner in which you are able to select who you put your ads in front of. Digital or traditional, you are still trying to accomplish the same thing, which is to convince the potential client why you can solve their problem for them. If you do that, you will have success in your marketing … digital or otherwise.

I have literally grown up through the internet revolution, neither someone who has always had that technology, nor someone who was well established when it first came along. I think this has made it easier for me to see digital marketing as neither a panacea nor an impossible hurdle. It is simply a tool to do what professionals have always done, attempt to make a personal connection to be able to solve a problem for our clients.

Whether you choose to use digital marketing as a tool or not, it is here to stay and your competition is likely using it.

Sean Sweeney is a shareholder at Halling & Cayo, a full service law firm located in Milwaukee, WI, where he represents businesses large and small in business litigation disputes in Wisconsin State and Federal Courts. 

He also heads up their Securities practice and represents individual & institutional investors in FINRA arbitration and Court nationwide to help them recover investment losses as a result of fraud or breach of duty from their stock broker or broker-dealer (think Wall Street bank).

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