3 Beautiful Benefits of Video Marketing

The Rise of Video

Okay….let’s be honest with ourselves here. We all live very busy lives. So, when we have free time to browse the internet we want to make our experience as delightful as possible.

When marketing or producing content a person should put themselves in someone else’s shoes to see things from an outside perspective. This will help to see if what they are producing will work or not.

As someone who watches YouTube more than the average person, like it’s my side job or something, I’ve noticed many pros to video marketing. It’s on the rise and you may not notice it, but video marketing is becoming a focal point for many brands.

1) Videos Give off a “Family” Feeling to Viewers for a Brief Time Period

Whether a person watches YouTube to view David Dobrik’s channel for some laughter, Eric Thomas’s channel for motivation, GaryVee’s channel for business insight, they may notice that they are feeling of inclusion. What do all three of these channels have in common? They all make the viewers feel like they are a part of a “family”! They do so by sharing similar values consistently, for a small time period.

Time is essential when it comes to video marketing, especially on YouTube. Like I stated earlier, many of us are very busy individuals who have little time to browse YouTube for hours. So that is why the best YouTube channels cap their video times at an average of 10 minutes.

This is something David Dobrik, who uses YouTube to drive the sales of his “Clickbait” apparel brand, stated in a past interview. He saw that keeping his videos consistently short and sweet at 4.2 minutes in time length, opposed to 10 minutes led to an increase in traffic to his site and views of videos on his channel. As people were then more likely to watch more than one video due to the short time length, viewers got reeled into his brand’s “family”, leading to more sales and views (which can also lead to ad revenue!!). Uploading videos to YouTube and tying them to the right pages will gain you help from the “SEO Ninja”.

2) It’s the SEO Ninja

This is the nickname that should be tied to video marketing. Especially if a company is producing videos and posting them on YouTube. YouTube is the second leading search engine behind Google. And we know that search engines LOVE content that engages consumers, which video marketing does. So, by uploading your videos to YouTube, a person can double their chances for content being visible to their target audience.

The best part is, doubling your chances of visibility by being on top of search results, can lead to an increase in organic clicks. With organic clicks, you do not have to pay for clicks to your site, as you would have to with paid search ads. This can be beneficial for any start-up business looking to produce successful landing pages. Want proof? According to our partner HubSpot, including a YouTube video to your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%! I don’t know about you, but the “SEO Ninja” sounds like someone I want on my team.

Buy into the Power of YouTube

3) Videos = Versatility

Regardless of the type of industry a person may work in, there is one thing that is always valued in an employee: versatility. Being able to be utilized in more than one area makes a person more valuable to an organization.

So, let’s think of video as a person. Video has the opportunity to be posted on every social media platform. Well…almost every platform, I guess Pinterest can be the exception here. In this case, if this person (video) can be posted on numerous social media platforms when needed why would you not utilize them to their full potential?

You may be a company with an older crowd so you only use Facebook. Never fear, video is here! You may target a younger crowd who hangs out Instagram most of the time on the internet. Once again….video marketing has your back. People, regardless of age, love to hear other people talk and learn visually instead of having to read a whole page of features about your product. Show them and have some fun with it too. A good video is as good as the people producing the content. So smile and have some fun with it 🙂

Video Posts can be made anywhere your target market lives online!

Utilizing video to its full potential can lead to an increase in post engagement through likes, comments, and shares. The more engagement the better so that your brand is seen as much as possible online. This leads to an increase in conversions which will make your sales numbers very happy.

Make Your Sales Numbers Happy

You like when you’re sales numbers are happy and so do we. It’s a weird feeling getting in front of a camera for a social post and we get it. JP&C has got your back. Let’s talk 🙂


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