5 Tips to get your Business Digitally Sound During Strange Times

5 Tips to get your Business Digitally Sound During Strange Times
17 Jun 2020 / by Vinny Santelli in Digital Marketing

“Strange Times” Is an Understatement

Trying to define 2020 is pretty much impossible. Hence, the business world is starting to turn its lights back on (kind of…). So, that means there is a likely chance that your company will have to adjust with the times.

Never fear, digital marketing is here 🙂 I have put together 5 tips to get your business digitally sound so your company can generate leads while focusing on other business aspects!

1) Start out with some Keyword Research

Ugh…yes I am aware. The word research just sounds like a lot of boring work that could take forever. It is probably one of the most misunderstood words however. All keyword research wants to do is help your business! So give it some love <3

Not familiar with keyword research? Keyword research can help bring your website to the top of Google search results pages in a heartbeat. All you need to do is find the right keywords, through marketing solutions company like SEMRush. Their keyword magic tool is so good at finding successful keywords based on search volume! These keywords would be what your target market may be looking up when trying to find a business like yours. Once you have found those keywords you can begin writing a successful meta description (the brief summary under your title tag in the search results). A typical meta description is 155 characters long. So it is important to be brief, but descriptive. The more relevant the description is to what your target customer is looking up, the more likely your search will be a top search result for them. This will lead them right to your businesses site!

Establishing your digital presence is right at your fingertips.

2) Integrate your Website with Simple Forms

Once you draw customers to your site you want to find out more about them. Here is where simple forms come into play. Collecting customer information via simple forms through a pop-up at the top of your site’s homepage can be one of the most painless forms of lead generation.

It can be one of the most painless forms of lead generation because you as the business are not having to reach out to every individual to talk to them. They come right to you. What you do with that information then is up to you.

An idea would be to ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter or subscribe to updates in the form. So, then you as the business have all their contact information to reach out to them via email or phone with their permission upon form submission.

3) Automate your Emails to Subscribers

Now that you have contact information through the form on your website, you can begin automating emails to the potential leads through a provider such as JP&C’s Partner, HubSpot. Start by a simple thank you email that is triggered immediately upon form submission.

From there, you can set when you’d like to send additional emails checking in with potential leads to provide company updates, offer a free consultation, offer to leave a review on your site, etc. What is best with HubSpot as well is that these emails can sound less robotic and more personal through personalization tokens. Nobody likes an email that sounds like everyone else received the same thing. So, HubSpot’s personalization tokens allow for each email, based on the person it is being sent to, to be personalized with their name, order history, location, etc.

Do not be afraid to throw in some additional content into your automated emails too. If you have a YouTube channel, link your latest video, for example. Keep in mind, that if you do that, make sure the content stays fresh and up to date. That will give the recipient additional ways to get comfortable and familiar with your brand.

4) Be Consistent and Engaging with your Social Content, but not Annoying

This tip is something that your brand may have been doing throughout the pandemic to keep customers engaged with your brand. And that’s great. Now, they will be looking to see your brand being engaged with them now as you may have been over the past few months. Consistency is key because competitors are just waiting in the shadows to take your customers in.

Engaging customers with content on social media whether it is a poll, video, photo, or social game is important. It helps you gain new customers and keep existing ones around by giving your brand an image. Website traffic is a key performance indicator to use when evaluating if your content is successful or not. One of the main goals of content production is to drive people to your site and convert on those visits whether through form submission or purchases. However, beware that you don’t overdo it with content. You will be easily able to tell if you are annoying your online customers. A few ways to tell if you are annoying them by posting too much are less engagement than usual, unfollows, or being blocked (ouch).

5) Be Patient and Learn Along the Way

Like any new business venture, things take time to succeed. Being patient is important here because digital marketing is relatively new to all businesses. The main point I want to get across is to learn from your results because they will make you more understanding of digital marketing. Like anything as humans, we learn from your successes and failures. So enjoy the process!

Patience is a virtue in digital marketing. Learn from your successes and failures.

Digital Marketing can Sound Tricky

Yes, some of this digital stuff can sound like a foreign language. James Pellizzi & Co. is prepared to teach you this language! Let’s Chat!


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