Tuscany Bistro & JP&C Partnership

Tuscany Bistro & JP&C Partnership
18 Jun 2020 / by Vinny Santelli in Latest News

Tuscany Bistro of Kenosha, WI has partnered with James Pellizzi & Co. (JP&C) to develop a new website.

More specifically, the company will be helping enhance Tuscany’s current brand, adding in the right technology for online reservations and exploring additional channels, especially digital, to enhance their exposure.

Says JP&C CEO James Pellizzi, “This opportunity taps us into a new market, which is very exciting as we are looking to expand business ventures in Kenosha County! We’re really looking forward to helping them dominate their market, especially via digital channels.”

Tuscany Bistro is an authentic Italian restaurant owned by a father-daughter duo. Both from Kenosha originally, Theresa (Ianni) Robinson and Guglielmo Ianni saw much success in numerous restaurant ventures in Destin, Florida. Now that Theresa is back in her hometown, she has been successfully growing Tuscany Bistro into one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Southeast Wisconsin.

James Pellizzi & Co is a Digital Marketing Company in Milwaukee, WI. Focused on lead generation and brand awareness, JP&C helps align the right people, processes, and technology needed to be successful across the Digital Landscape. Stop Losing Customers (Get Better Ones!)


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