Engendren & JP&C Partnership

Industrial Manufacturing Parent Company, Engendren Corporation of Kenosha County, Partners with James Pellizzi & Co. on Digital Marketing Efforts.

To take their digital presence to the next level, James Pellizzi & Co. is pleased to partner with Engendren Corporation. Says James Pellizzi, CEO, “We’re excited about this opportunity, both because it signals more involvement in Kenosha County, but also because everything Engendren is seeking is in our wheelhouse. We’re eager to get to work!” A typical digital marketing engagement with JP&C includes website, brand, and digital marketing improvements to increase visibility within the organization’s industry and boost lead generation.

Engendren Corporation is the parent company to IEA, Silver Linings Systems, ArcRon, and Chrysalis – industry leaders in the manufacturing of small- and large-scale heat removal and cooling systems, IT heat management and protection, modular and rugged enclosures, along with the fabrication and project management of integrated steel and aluminum components and assemblies. As an organization, Engendren prides itself on cultivating an enterprise environment, which encourages idea generation, a culture of employee participation, and a system of meaningful reward.

James Pellizzi & Co is a Digital Marketing Company in Milwaukee, WI. Focused on lead generation and brand awareness, JP&C helps align the right people, processes, and technology needed to be successful across the Digital Landscape. Stop Losing Customers (Get Better Ones!)


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