SEO “Starts Off with Hard Work, Ends in Champagne…”

SEO “Starts Off with Hard Work, Ends in Champagne…”
30 Jun 2020 / by James Pellizzi in Digital Marketing, SEM, SEO

“Starts off with hard work, ends in champagne. Let’s start.”

I was inspired by and posted a video in reference to this Michael Jordan quote last month, reminding me and my connections to start

My sentiment was that great successes can be daunting, often feeling impossibly far away and difficult to achieve, but the only way to get there is to take those first few steps. Draw out the strategy/roadmap, action items, KPI’s, deadlines, etc. (marketing jargon, but these same principles apply to other industries and, really, life as a whole).

Then, start with the first step. It doesn’t even need to be perfect.

Last week, as I was delivering a quarterly update to one of our clients, Jordan’s quote came back to me. 

Our focus this year (for this client) has largely been on paid ads. Back in late 2018 when we first started working on their site, though, we spent a lot of time starting the plans to improve their organic site traffic and overall SEO. The plans were drawn up, the action items were listed and assigned to the necessary team members, and the work began. 

Last week, not even two years later, I was able to present this chart signifying that our organic traffic is up over 400%.

Traffic Trend graph showing large increase in organic traffic over the last two years.
This is a Traffic Trend graph. We pay for a program that allows us to view any company’s SEO statistics. Contact me if you would like me to send yours, or your competitors’.

Again, we have been spending the majority of our time strategizing, building, and executing paid ads campaigns this year (for this client). SEO has been “maintained” and checked regularly, but we haven’t executed any SEO-specific projects.

I check the SEO stats weekly and it’s been like watching a stock rise. Scratches the same itch, brings the same pleasure watching that upward trend. Most importantly, since all I’ve had to do is “check,” I’ve been able to spend those extra hours taking our ads campaigns from good to great.

We’re not at the champagne yet, but thank God we started. 📈


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