MilwaukeeWarehouse & JP&C Partnership

MilwaukeeWarehouse & JP&C Partnership
01 Jul 2020 / by Vinny Santelli in Latest News

MilwaukeeWarehouse of Milwaukee, WI, has partnered with James Pellizzi & Co. (JP&C) on Digital Marketing Efforts.

More specifically, JP&C will evaluate MilwaukeeWarehouse’s Digital Marketing endeavors regarding SEO & PPC. Pellizzi & Company will also be an advisor to Milwaukee Warehouse on all other marketing efforts for the near future to help them generate leads.

Says CEO James Pellizzi, “We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with MilwaukeeWarehouse, and help them gain a deeper understanding of digital marketing as a whole. This partnership gives us the chance to help another B2B company grow digitally in today’s evolving business world, especially in Southeast Wisconsin.”

MilwaukeeWarehouse LLC is an inventory management company providing full warehouse distribution services of food-grade, retail, industrial steel and general commodities in the Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin markets.

James Pellizzi & Co is a Digital Marketing Company in Milwaukee, WI. Focused on lead generation and brand awareness, JP&C helps align the right people, processes, and technology needed to be successful across the Digital Landscape. Stop Losing Customers (Get Better Ones!)


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