Digital Marketing: Bringing Client Relationships to the Next Level

Digital Marketing: Bringing Client Relationships to the Next Level

Successful Marketing Brings the Right People Together

Through my years of practicing law, I have found one consistent truism about marketing: marketing is critical to generating clients and forming long-term relationships that flourish.  To be a successful lawyer in private practice, it is imperative to generate paying clients in the right practice areas.

In some respects, everything we do is marketing.  Our interactions with clients, the value of the service we provide, the work product we produce, and the manner in which we communicate all have in impact on retaining current clients and generating referrals for new clients.  It’s all marketing!

Learning about digital marketing, in particular, has enhanced my view of marketing and opened doors to valuable connections for me.

Digital Marketing is Personable

It’s one thing to generate clients, but another to generate long-term relationships with clients.  Successful professionals, regardless of industry, should want their clients to feel like they really know the person they are working with so they feel confident they hired the right person for the job.

“Digital Marketing helps your client’s really get to know who they are working with.”

Tying my personal brand to a well-respected firm like Halling & Cayo S.C. is the key way I generate clients.  The online presence James Pellizzi & Co. (JP&C) has created for me, and for the firm, has been extremely effective. It has made me appear more personable to my clients which, in turn, feeds client confidence.  More recently, it has inspired me to expand my digital presence with a blog called Practical Estate Planning, and a professional Facebook page

Transparency = Trust

Transparency is key for anyone looking to be successful, regardless of their business venture.  Digital marketing helps with transparency which leads to trust.  By setting up my blog and Facebook page, I hope current and future clients see me as a lawyer they can trust and with whom they can form long-term relationships. There is much value to be gained by forming the kind of well-rounded relationships with clients and colleagues that comes from digital marketing. 

Always remember, marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Working with JP&C has been an eye-opening experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my career.


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