5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

1. Not Being Human

One of the largest misconceptions about digital marketing is that you have to talk all “techy” online, all the time. Honestly, it’s quite the opposite. It is hard to trust someone who sounds like they are not even a real person, especially when it comes to a customer looking to trust someone with their investment.

Use a tone on the internet that sounds like you are speaking to your potential customer in person. A tone that is friendly…..but not too friendly, you want to make your future client feel comfortable.

So, when writing a social media post write something in a business-casual tone, something that you would like to hear from a brand that you trust and have established loyalty too.

Be human…..not a robot

2. Posting too much (or too little) on Social Media

Social Media can be used to personally grow networks through creating meaningful connections for people. The same goes for businesses, but with customers.

Social Media Marketing is useful in terms of engaging consumers with a brand, forming relationships with consumers, and encouraging followers to engage in interaction amongst themselves.

This can be successfully done by giving your target market what they want. And that can be done by following your company’s buyer personas to know exactly what your target audience prefers in terms of content. Depending on age, consumers might engage more with videos as opposed to pictures or status updates. Or vice versa.

However, be careful to not post too much. This can lead to people getting sick of your online presence and lead to a bad brand reputation. Other results that can occur from posting too much too often are unfollows, bad word-of-mouth marketing, or even getting blocked. Make sure you are not posting too little as well because that could lead to the same consequences.

Find that sweet spot of when your followers/target audience is on Social Media platforms. It will most definitely lead to more interaction if the right posts are made tailored to your buyer persona.

3. Not Knowing your Target Market

Your business can post as much as you want, but if you are not creating posts that are tailored to your target market, then little positive friction will result online. This is a very common mistake most businesses make. They create great content online, but it may not be content that their target market may be looking for.

How can they flip the script? Two words. Buyer Personas.

According to our partner HubSpot, a buyer persona is, “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” The most important part of that definition is “real data about your existing customers”. This data can be qualitative or quantitative. Target market demographics, personality, preferences in taste, or location can be taken into account with this data.

4. Not Encouraging Reviews

One way that a company can ensure they are reaching their target market efficiently and effectively is sorting through their reviews. Reviews are a great way to find out your customer’s thoughts on the product or service that you are offering.

These reviews should be encouraged post-purchase or post-service. This can be done by a follow-up email after the customer has purchased the product or the service has been conducted. One of the best ways to encourage reviews is by setting up a post-purchase or post-service email-automation.

In the first email in the automation sequence, a business can thank the customer for choosing them. They may also update the customer on what is going on with the brand as well to try and form a connection that could lead to a repurchase or new purchase of a different product or service.

The second email in the automation then can be sent a week or so later to check-in with the customer and ask them how things have been since their last interaction with your brand. Links that lead to customer’s leaving a Google Review can be placed in this email to encourage them to leave feedback. Not only does this feedback show the customer that you care about them by asking them for their input on your product or service, but good Google reviews can boost your site’s SEO.

Good Google reviews show Google that your company has been consistently trustworthy, reliable, and has good authority. Google likes this as well because they want to lead their users to the best and most trustworthy sites for what they are looking for.

5. Underutilizing Case Studies

Once a business leads people to their site they like to see what work they’ve done for others in their situation. Case studies typically help in the attract stage of inbound methodology. This is because a business has attracted the customers to their site. Now they will look to make a sale by presenting their solutions.

Case studies add credibility for a brand because it is proof that they are getting the job done and helping fulfill the need of their customers. This can be shown in quantitative data throughout the study. Some quantitative measures that can be presented, in terms of digital marketing, include impressions, clicks, conversions, and deals.

A business can never have too many case studies to present to their website visitors. These studies do not have to be limited to a company website, however. They can be made into social posts or even briefly discussed in a newsletter to all the company’s subscribers.

Case Studies = Credibility

Cut Out the Mistakes

James Pellizzi & Co. believes learning from your mistakes is critical to growth. We’d love to talk about your mistakes and what you hope to do to conquer them! Let’s chat! ->


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