3 Ingredients to Instant Email Newsletter Engagement

3 Ingredients to Instant Email Newsletter Engagement
04 Aug 2020 / by Vinny Santelli in Email Marketing

It’s pretty common in a company’s marketing plan to include an email newsletter. Getting your audiences to engage with your company newsletter is getting harder by the day now that they are rapidly becoming more common. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve I will share that may be useful when writing a new newsletter.

Switch Up Your Content…Keep it Interesting 🙂

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Think of how you feel when you see a company newsletter pop up in your inbox. What is the initial reaction? Whatever the feeling may be, try to take the feelings you have experienced and learn from them. What do you like? What do you not like? Whatever the feelings, learn from them and make the newsletter you may be constructing feel like something you would like to open when it comes across your inbox.

This can all be done by using wholesome, positive, and relevant content in the newsletter to provide a unique experience for the audience. Not many people like opening up an email newsletter and seeing the same-old format over and over again. Put your creative cap on and start brainstorming ideas!

Let’s say your company has been using a blog post at the top of every newsletter and that is the first thing the recipient sees when opening the newsletter. Instead, switch it up with content like videos, polls, customer spotlights, partnerships, or any other announcement/achievement relevant to your company that is of high importance.

For example, for last month’s James Pellizzi & Company newsletter we realized that we had been using the same format for a few consecutive months. So, the day before sending out the newsletter, we recorded a quick video showing off our new office and asking for suggestions on decor.

We then placed this video at the top of our monthly newsletter. Why did we do this? Because it was extremely relevant to our company at the moment and we wanted our audience to share this moment with us! Asking for help is a great call-to-action when looking to engage with your potential/current clients. Sometimes the best ideas happen right before sending out a newsletter!

JP&C’s Headlining Content from our July Newsletter!

Use Effective CTA’s

Trying to get your audiences to engage with your newsletters can be like “pulling teeth”. However, if relevant and interesting content is produced it will most likely draw your audience in.

Now that you have drawn them in and they are interested in your newsletter you want them to take the next step. That next step is engagement. Each piece of content should be linked to some sort of an external page to keep the user experience moving.

An example of this would be a “button” placed underneath the piece of content encouraging the user to “read more”, if a blog post is being regarded, or “watch now” if there is a video involved. This encourages the next step of interaction with a brand. That next step could then involve multiple brand experience steps afterwards if their initial experience with the newsletter is successful.

Who knows, the user may just end up on your contact page and fill out a form to get in touch with your brand about a potential sale! At the end of the day, like anything with marketing, it all comes down to knowing your target audience and their attributes.

Effective CTAs = More Clicks

Optimize Email Send Time

One of these attributes that are key to know about your audience is when they are most likely to spend their time online. This is especially vital when it comes to sending a company newsletter. Most email sending platforms like MailChimp make optimizing send times to audiences a breeze.

MailChimp does this through data they get about audiences based on their individual engagement patterns. More likely than not, users in a MailChimp audience are receiving email campaigns from more than one MailChimp user.

This engagement data, such as open rate and clicks, is all averaged together based on users in an audience and then put together for what is known as “Optimum Email Send Times” for each audience. This is purely a suggestion based off of data that MailChimp tailors to an audience, so you are not forced to send at a certain time. But the numbers never lie. If looking to increase engagement with your brand, I cannot stress this enough, trust the data 🙂

Engagement = Awareness

James Pellizzi & Company realizes the first step to growing your brand is establishing solid brand awareness. This can be extremely tricky. Let’s brainstorm some ideas together for how you can bolster your email newsletter engagement!


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