Collaboration: Why It’s Important and How to Implement It

Why should your team collaborate? 

1. Collaboration generates dynamic and innovative ideas. 

Allowing the whole agency the opportunity to participate in the creative process can lead to something amazing! You never know who might come up with a slam dunk concept. Plus, it presents the opportunity to hear a variety of perspectives and opens doors to discovering associations between ideas that can result in a killer combination. This teamwork can provide resiliency to overcome rejection (if that happens to come your way), energy to complete the task on time AND could lead you to the right connections who can push your brilliant idea forward (maybe us *wink wink*).

2. Collaboration keeps employees engaged.

Did you know only 3/10 employees are engaged at work? Oof! Not only is that a bummer for employee wellbeing, but also your company because disengaged employees often lead to a decrease in profit. Gallup reports, “businesses with the highest levels of employee engagement are 22% more profitable than those with low levels of engagement.” When employees are engaged, they are also more enthusiastic in their position which has a domino effect down to the consumer level. Happiness is contagious so a happy employee leads to → enhanced customer service → which results in a happy customer.

3. Collaboration boosts productivity. 

When employees are engaged they are 44% more productive than workers who are purely satisfied. When they are engaged and also inspired, they are 125% more productive than the satisfied employee (Bain & Company). That’s a large difference! It was also found in a Stanford study that even the perception that you are working collectively with a group can improve your performance. The participants who collaborated stuck with their task 64% longer than those working alone. The collaborators also reported lower fatigue levels, higher engagement and an overall higher success rate.

How can your team achieve successful collaboration?

  • Foster a good work culture: creating a pleasant work culture increases the chances of successful collaboration because your team will truly enjoy working together (BIT.AI).
  • Have a purpose: if you don’t have a known purpose for collaborating, productivity goes down the tubes. 
  • Explain the vision: describe how this collaboration will help reach a larger goal.
  • Distribute project roles: recognize each team member’s strengths and designate them to that role. It’s important to identify a project lead to keep the collaboration process moving. 
  • Take in feedback: ask your project lead to seek feedback throughout the collaboration period and avoid micromanaging.
  • Organize a workflow: set hours of collaboration, discuss which communication tools you’ll use, share a timeline of deadlines, etc.
  • Lead by example and show appreciation: support, empower and thank your team for all their hard work. People want to be recognized.

So long story short, the saying is true, teamwork really does make the dream work.

Sources: Wrike, Emplify, Fresh, Forbes


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