“The Content Fog”… We’ve All Been There

“The Content Fog”… We’ve All Been There
19 Oct 2020 / by Vinny Santelli in Content Marketing

Yeah, we have definitely all been there. That place where we fail to come up with what we see as “good ideas.” The mental block that seems inevitable to be able to break through. The pressure of having to produce because a deadline is coming up. That place, my friends is, what I refer to as, “The Content Fog”.

It seems like a spell we all fall into at some point. Either in our professional life or personal life. We are bound with deadline pressures or societal pressures to produce and sometimes it feels impossible to come up with that engaging, original piece of content that will thrive online. The first thing to note when you feel like you are under this eerie, anxiety-ridden roadblock of a spell, is that it is very common. Here is what I have noticed about content production. Because let’s face it, it’s tough.

A Bad Idea? No Such Thing

Ideas are so welcoming in the sense that they give you something to work with. Something to build off of. Ever had a random thought come across your mind and been too afraid to share it because of what others might say? The answer is probably yes. And that is perfectly fine. Everyone else has too, and society is becoming more and more accepting of collaboration, which we are blessed with.

So, reach out and share your idea with others, they may enjoy your idea and it will likely spur an interesting debate wherever you are (office, coffee shop, etc.). Those interesting debates can then turn into more content ideas. Drop the idea to a group of people and get the ball rolling; it could land anywhere.

Tip: We live in a digital society, most people carry their cell phone with them everywhere. Go to the notes section and type it in. Or make it interesting and throw your idea in a group chat 👀

Create Organically

The point of writing ideas down or typing ideas into your “notes” section is to spur creation and brainstorming. Every idea has potential. Sure, not every one may work out. But they can lead to different avenues. So, let your content be pure.

One way to do this is collaboration. Everyone loves talking about ideas and wants to feel part of a team. Being a part of a successful piece of content enhances morale among team members. Think about it. A piece of content goes viral, and everyone can tell their friends that they were a part of it. That builds a stronger team that is more likely to become more open to sharing ideas, as everyone is working towards a similar goal.

Be careful, however. I have helped create a piece of content that generated a great number of impressions and engagement. And that feeling you get with a popular post is addicting. Step back and realize that the last content you put out was purely organic, and that is why it was such a great piece. Once you begin to force-feed content to your audience because you get addicted to the “clout,” then you will get frustrated as you will see the engagement is not where you want it to be.

Make it Engaging

Once you have spurred a good content idea, it is now time to create your post. The best way to reach as many impressions as possible in your desired target market, you should look to encourage engagement.

Encouraging engagement could be as simple as asking your audience to state their opinion on your topic, asking them to tag a fellow connection to spur debate, or encourage them to voice their opinion by using different reactions. Such as in this post. These are all simple ways to appease social media algorithms such as the ever-so-tricky LinkedIn algorithm.

These so-called “algorithms” can be used to show your content to an even larger audience, such as your follower’s connections. The larger the impressions, the better brand awareness, and traffic that can be driven to your site to drive potential leads!

Lift the “Fog”

James Pellizzi & Co. knows lifting “The Content Fog” is harder than it sounds sometimes. We’d love to be your guide into clearer content production days. Contact us and/or sign up for free digital marketing tips!


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