Google Display Ads. Reinventing the Billboard.

Google Display Ads. Reinventing the Billboard.

The best way to start generating leads? Get your brand in front of as many people as possible. Build up that brand awareness and they (the leads) will follow. The billboard was born on this belief system years and years ago. Now, with more people online than ever before, businesses are beginning to pivot. They are recognizing that lead generation in most industries runs through the digital world. Because of this, Google went ahead and put a twist on “billboards”, digitally. Now, the advertising and marketing game has been changed forever. Step aside billboards, here come Google Display Ads. Let’s look at how they are similar and how Google Display Ads takes the billboard concept many steps further.

Display Ads Build Brand Awareness

A similar commonality Google Display Ads has with the common billboard is that it presents exactly what a billboard can, but online. A brand can just display its logo, name, and slogan for pure brand awareness, or show off a new product with a line or two of copywriting.

However, with Google Display Ads, instead of showing off your brand to thousands of cars as they pass by on the interstate, you can target an audience who has already engaged with your brand! Display ads will only be shown to individuals who may have already looked at your site to see that new product that was released or read that new blog you dropped. Whatever the case, Google will only show your Display Ads to those who have already visited your site. This is a much warmer audience than cars on the freeway who may have little/no interest in your brand/products/services.

So, the next time your audience is looking for a product or service such as yours, that brand awareness will be freshly planted in their head and they may head your way. This may not happen immediately and patience must be stressed here because it typically takes someone seven times to see/hear a message until they consider taking the desired action.

For a small business, this is a cost-effective way to build brand awareness. Because Google does not charge you for just generating impressions (showing your ad to someone), you are only charged if someone clicks on it!

They’re Pay-Per-Click

Billboards are monthly payments, so a business may be paying a hefty amount per lead if they are getting any to begin with. With Google Display Ads, the ball is in your court. A business can set the tone for how much they want to spend per day on ads by setting a budget. And when the ad has been clicked the maximum amount of clicks that budget allows, Google will stop charging you, as your ads will be turned off for the day. This can be great for any business, no matter how big or small, because you can focus on the individuals who have previously engaged your brand.

Display Ads can be Free Brand Awareness, only get charged if they are clicked on!

Worried about your ads not being present when your target audience is online? Don’t worry. You can select the times for your ads to be shown to your audience so that they are only displayed at times that are best to reach them. The goal is to set ideal times and days of when your ads will run, which can be determined once the ads have been running for a certain period, based on Google’s data gathered by your ad viewers. Now that your ad is gathering clicks and impressions, you want them to convert on your landing page.

They make the CTA Easily Accessible

Google Display Ads enhances how the “action” part of call-to-actions takes place. Instead of having a call-to-action on a billboard while someone is driving or walking, they can safely click on your Google Display Ad while surfing the web. That leads the visitor to go right to the page where the desired action is meant to take place. And really, when’s the last time you made a mental note of a billboard you drove past and then actually took action towards that company when you arrived home?

This is a much easier (and safer) CTA to accomplish as opposed to the CTA’s on billboards. Like, imagine taking your phone out while driving to visit a website or even typing while walking on a busy road? With Google Display Ads, viewers are one click away from visiting a business’s page from the ad that caught their attention.

Start Re-Targeting Website Visitors

Pellizzi & Company understands that setting up any type of ad campaign can be tricky. Stay in front of and spend money advertising to people who have already shown interest in you rather than the random assortment of motorists on I-94. We’ve set up Google Display ads for many accounts and would love to talk to you about setting up display ads for your brand! Let’s chat ->

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