The “Social Worlds”

The lightning bolt moment. We’ve all had it. The moment where a great idea crosses your mind organically as you are just sitting there doing something completely random. The moment you break “The Content Fog.” You then race to write it down or tell someone about it so you don’t forget about it. If you’re like me, you’ll text your best friend and say something along the lines of, “just had a great idea, so remind me to tell you about it later so I don’t forget.” It’s cheesy, but a good way to not forget your “lightning bolt” moment. 

Today, we are all digitalized in some way. Even my grandparents find themselves using their phones for some type of social interaction. So, when the idea strikes, share it with the world. Different platforms maximize the ability for your idea to be shared with different demographics. For example, if your idea will resonate better with an older generation, you should attempt to spur engagement on Facebook. If you want to reach a younger audience, Twitter and Instagram are the places to land and expand. The platforms you decide to share your content on are just as important as the idea itself. These platforms each have a unique community, or as I like to call them, “Social Worlds.”

Why do I call them that? Well, sure each platform is full of unique individuals. But, each one is home to a unique demographic that reacts differently to certain types of posts. They sort of have their own way of life based on how they react differently online. Here’s what I’ve noticed from the three “Worlds” I have spent most of my time on, and how to enhance engagement within them. 

The 4 “Worlds”

Facebook – So basically everyone has a Facebook by now, right? Facebook’s platform is home to more social media users over the age of 30 than any other platform. With that being said, it is safe to say that you are speaking to a more broad audience on Facebook when creating content to post. What resonates well with any age group? Videos. It really resonates with Facebook users especially. In May, Facebook reported 8 billion video views per DAY!

Twitter – No this is not the land where Donald Trump just tweets, this is a platform for many people of younger generations across the globe to have their voices heard. Whether it is just a comment about their day, a sporting event, tv show, or any other event that impacts them, the users of Twitter enjoy getting their thoughts out. Some people also use it as a sense of release. To get away from everything going on in the crazy world that we are a part of. Twitter users often also look for something to give them a laugh or find something they relate to, so they can share with their followers. All in all, Twitter users are looking for that piece of content that relates to them, in any way possible, and is worthy of sharing with their followers. So, your best shot at engagement is staying relevant as time passes by and posting content relating to the changing times of the world.

Instagram – Instagram was one of the first movers to feature a “story” feature for all users. Safe to say, it has been a hit with most users. 62% of people say they have become more interested in a product after viewing it on a story via Instagram. So, when looking to share an initial thought or idea, take it to the stories and invite your followers to engage their thoughts with you. You can also post polls via stories to let the people (your followers) have their voices count! This will lead to engaging and memorable content that is great for brand awareness. And with this “World” having a young crowd, 67% of 18-29-year-olds have an Instagram account, creating engaging content via stories is effective to nurture leads that could lead to long-lasting relationships.

LinkedIn – Many pages/companies on digital platforms often struggle to get their content in front of a broad audience that is beyond their followers. Because that typically can only be done through an organic share or paid advertisement. LinkedIn, on the other hand, strives to be different. LinkedIn really sees value in individuals who interact with other people’s posts. So yes, they love when people are SOCIAL on social media. Commenting on other people’s posts that are gaining attention (in a good way) is a great way to gain followers and connections as people are then more apt to view your page/profile. LinkedIn also loves when you encourage people to comment on your posts. When followers/connections comment on your post, their connections then see your comment on their post. This is a great way to boost organic reach while interacting with your network! 

Social Media platforms each are unique and diverse, see where you’re target demographic lives online!

Create Wholesome Content

At the end of the day, it does matter where you post your content as far as reaching the right audience, but make sure what you are offering them is wholesome content. That means it is beneficial to your audience in some way, but it sounds like it is unique as it is coming straight from you/your brand. Every brand and individual has a way that they want to be perceived to their audience, that’s what makes them unique. So, ask yourself this question before you post your next update. “Does this content sound like me?”

Engagement Can be Addicting

However, your post ends up doing, be proud of yourself for thinking outside the box. Do not let your engagement control your emotions. This is a slippery slope that can result in creating content that does not sound like you or your brand, even if your piece of content does well. Do not force content. Let it come organically. That is typically when most posts reach their full potential because it is not something that had to be drawn out on a drawing board. It is uniquely you. 

Don’t let low engagement get you down 🙂

Having Content Discussions Help

Pellizzi and Company have had many discussions with different brand’s over content production/execution and how it is valuable to generating leads. Bottom line, we love to talk about content. Let’s chat ->


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