LAK Group & Pellizzi & Co. Partnership

LAK Group & Pellizzi & Co. Partnership
15 Jan 2021 / by Vinny Santelli in Latest News

The LAK Group of Brookfield, WI has partnered with Pellizzi & Co.

Pellizzi & Co. will assist LAK Group with Web Administration & Hosting, Social Media, PPC Ads, and HubSpot Consulting & Email. These efforts all align with a vision of driving qualified leads to LAK’s website.

“The LAK Group is exactly the type of company we love partnering with. Their current size, their intelligent staff and their aspirations … we know exactly how to assist them, and we’re excited to help them attain their growth plans through a digital marketing initiative!”, says Pellizzi & Co. CEO James Pellizzi.

The LAK Group, works with leaders to transform business goals into human strategies that put the right people in the right seats. So everyone wins – even as their market changes.

Pellizzi & Co. is a Digital Marketing Company in Milwaukee, WI. Focused on lead generation and brand awareness, Pellizzi & Co. helps align the right people, processes, and technology needed to be successful across the Digital Landscape.

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