Social Media, Your Website’s “Sidekick”

Social Media, Your Website’s “Sidekick”

Your website. Where all the action happens. Where your brand is on full display. Here, everyone looks to see what you’re all about. Your WHY. Because it’s simple, people don’t care about how you do what you do, they care about WHY you do it. So, give them what they came here for! A good brand story. Then, you can move to show them what you do, how you do it, and why they should look to invest in what you’re selling.

There are many channels that drive people to your website, and they are all what I call “sidekicks” to your website. One of their purposes is to drive traffic to your website so that eventually, people will contact you and become future customers! What is the main channel or sidekick I like to speak to? Well, the answer to that question is… Social Media! Now, how exactly can your company’s Social Media become the Robin to your Website’s Batman?

Social Media Highlights your Brand’s Story (Your “Why”)

Most companies use their social media platform to continuously tell their brand story and provide updates to their community of followers (aka the audience). This can be done by executing different types of posts, such as videos, product posts, blog updates, etc. What should all of these posts have in common? They need to tell your brand story consistently. Stick to the message that your website clearly communicates. When making posts and crafting your social strategy do not forget what makes you unique, what you value, why you do what you do, etc.

Don’t be afraid to tug on their heartstrings a little bit too; get the emotions flowing. When someone sees your brand they are typically triggered by an emotion that relates to your brand. A lot of that has to do with your brand’s story. So, ensure that your content is giving them that feeling on social media as it can lead to more engagement with your audience.

Engagement within your audience can include likes, comments, or shares. All of these actions of engagement will help spread your brand’s story to a wider audience. The larger the reach of a social post, the more engagement, and the more likely someone is to stumble upon your site!

Keep your brand’s story consistent across social media outlet’s

Social Media Gives Your Audience a Sense for What You Do

When someone stumbles upon your site, once they see what makes you unique, your “why” factor, they will check out what you do. So why not indirectly include what you do in your social posts? Write up some blog content and come up with an eye-catching, clickbaity caption that will draw them to click on the blog.

For example, writing a “tips blog” like “5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes“, and captioning it on your social media “Chances are, your business is doing this incorrectly”, will capture an emotion that is likely to land a click on your blog. And once it is read, then you can be seen as an “expert”, and more trustworthy.

This is another avenue that can lead someone to check out your services page on your website to see what you do and how you can provide a solution for their aches and pains.

Social Media Can Show your Audience How You Do It

“Wait, didn’t you literally just say they DON’T care about how you do what you do?” Yes, I did, but once someone buys into why you do something, they will be curious about how you do it and how it will solve their problem. It’s human nature.

There is nothing more powerful when it comes to social media than video posts. This is something I preach to people when talking about social posts. It engages the “human element” of marketing. People are able to put a face to a brand and feel more like they are interacting with other people as opposed to the technology itself (sorry robots.)

One way to successfully use video with social media is by producing product videos. Show your audience how your product is properly used to solve an issue that they may have. This indirect way of selling can be found as useful and can lead to people sharing with their friends!

Don’t have a professional camera to pick up and film with? No worries. TikTok is a great way to organically reach your audience because it shows videos to not only your followers but anyone within a certain location radius of where you are posting from. This is how the “For You Page” was created. Congrats to you if your business is located in a big city. I mean who doesn’t love TikToks? They’re fun, engaging, quick, and easy to make, and you are almost guaranteed free organic reach! Not to mention, they are versatile and can be uploaded on essentially any social media platform. Imagine creating one TikTok and not only getting organic reach on that platform but on LinkedIn too!

Ok, my love fest for TikTok is over. Show your audience how you do what you do in a fun way, more likely than not, they’ll enjoy it and so will you 😃 

Let Social Media Help Drive Traffic For You!

So, what do you think? Social Media doesn’t make such a bad sidekick, eh? When used effectively, it tells your brand story, shows your audience what you do, and how you do it. All of this is critical in the lead gen process. All of us at Pellizzi and Co. are strong believers that social media is an important arm to any lead gen strategy. Need help getting started? Let’s Chat ->


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