About Us

From a young age, James knew he would always someday run his own business.  A marketer by trade, he made a name for himself working with branding initiatives, marketing automation platforms and employee culture, with companies ranging in size from start-up to enterprise level (his preferred).

Seeing it done right…and seeing it done wrong guided James to use his own name for his company.   Honesty and transparency are buzz words and he found talk was cheap and doing the right thing wasn’t always popular.  Well, those traits mean the world to him to the point where his name is the brand and he’s willing to put his reputation on the line to help companies achieve greater results on the digital landscape.
James Pellizzi

James runs the whole show and what’s most important to him is two fold.  1) Finding the right clients (we aren’t after just anyone) and 2) ensuring his team’s well-being (and making sure they are setup for success).  He is an expert in Marketing Automation platforms including Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Hubspot, Eloqua and Marketo.  His number one mantra is, “Know your Why, before worrying about the How.”  He also helps clients with road maps to ensure this… If you choose to work with us, James will be your Account Executive.

Contact him at James.Pellizzi@strategicdigitalmkting.com or click here.

Katie Robleski
Creative Director

The ying to James’s yang, nothing moves forward without Katie’s approval.  When it comes to brands, she is the shining star of the company and has a well earned reputation for taking all sorts of brands to the next level through visual storytelling.  Katie and James also run Strange Trails Marketing (with James admitting Katie carries most of the weight), which focuses heavily on finding/creating those right brands for clients.

Erika Burghardt
Social Media Consultant

Truly the best in the area, Erika is in high demand.  She creates social media content schedules with ease and then runs or automates them like its her job (because it is).  She then works hard to provide actual ROI in the form of revenue.  As if that’s not enough, she is also a public speaker and former Miss Indiana :-).

Daniel Dudzinski
Graphic Designer, Copywriter and Campaign Manager

Wearing multiple hats, there isn’t much Dan can’t do.   He has 10 years of experience working in media & print and loves the creative process around producing really great content.  This is actually his second most important gig, as he recently became a Father to Teddy with wife Kelly.

Michael Neff
Graphic Designer, Video Production and Campaign Manager

Campaigns are only as good as the content that’s in them and that’s where Michael shines.  He is also well versed in social media strategy and video production.  He just got married (James was his best man) and now that the honeymoon is over, he’s ready to make some noise for you.

David Nestingen

Dave has seen it all in his 40 year career.  First as an attorney and later as the CEO of IEWC, a wire and cable distributor (where he and James first hooked up).  Now retired, he continues to be Chairman of that company and serves on multiple boards.  He advises James on how to run and scale the business … and really enjoys being around this passionate team as they make names for themselves in Milwaukee and beyond.