Digital Marketing Guide

The truth is most digital marketing strategies that companies employ lack a cohesive strategy that ties together all of the elements.  One or two components (like an e-mail newsletter or basic Google Ads campaign are launched) usually amount to throwing stuff at a wall and hoping it will stick.

Does it produce results?  Occasionally, it probably does.

Is it good?  One or two elements within it (such as the newsletter template) probably are.

Is it great?  Does it combine all of those efforts for increased brand awareness, lead generation and customer retention on an automated basis?  Probably not.

In this 40 Page Do-It-Yourself Digital Marketing Guide you will find:

  • Digital Marketing Defined and how you can bring it to your organization.
  • Tie together SEO, Email, Web, Social Media, Retargeting etc. for lead gen.
  • How to calculate ROI.
  • How to involve Suppliers and Manufacturers.
  • The importance of branding and knowing your audience.

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