Halling & Cayo

New Beginnings

In 2018, James reached out to Halling & Cayo for legal advice following a breakup with his then-current employer. At the same time, Halling & Cayo shareholder, Sean Sweeney, had been exploring bringing in a Marketing partner. He decided to give James an opportunity after they realized they had the same desire: To get companies to outsource their marketing efforts and focus on leadgen. James started managing web efforts and doing general Marketing consultation work and eventually, his firm took over all marketing efforts at the firm.


A high-level list of services provided to Halling & Cayo during our engagement together:

Search Engine Optimization

  • Regular monitoring of search terms, updating of title tags and meta descriptions, and constant maintenance to ensure web traffic stays at or above 1k hits per month.

Email Marketing Efforts

  • Setup automated “Thank You” emails to anyone who inquires about the firm as well as automated review emails after a case has closed.  
  • Created a monthly newsletter and quarterly promo blasts for different practice areas.

Website Maintenance

  • Any website issues, including security, creating new landing pages, and any user issues.

New Websites

  • Created new pages for Family Law, Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, and Flat Fee.

Created Videos for use on Digital Channels

  • Produced over 50 videos including topic generation, question & answer format, conducting interviews, editing, and posting.

Social Media Management

  • Took over Facebook and Linkedin and created a social calendar to increase brand awareness in Southeast Wisconsin.

Paid Ads Campaigns (Google & Facebook)

  • Took over Google Pay Per Click and managed over 15 campaigns, including keyword research, ad creation, bid management, and tracking conversions.

General Marketing Consultation

  • Pretty much anything and everything they needed for Marketing, including a refreshed brand.

Leads in 2017 before our engagement

In Revenue : 2018 Leads: 45

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