...now we're prepared to be your guide

We've gone through the process

JP&C has been through the training, asked the questions, and found the solutions internally with HubSpot.  Now, we’re ready to be your HubSpot Professor.  Our team is prepared to listen to your business needs and be your guide through the HubSpot training process.

This training process will provide you with the knowledge to help you organize CRM efforts, enhance efforts to reach your target audience, align your sales team for success, and provide you with reporting/analytical tools that will set you up for positive growth.

How will we do it? We have prepared a 6 week, 6 Session Training Program, with each session being 30-60 minutes in time length and recorded via ZOOM, to get you on the road to joining us as a master of HubSpot.

We've gone through the process
.....in more than one area

We're HubSpot Certified

To get you started

Here's our Process

Here's our Process
Account Setup
  • We will walk you through how to set up your account as a user.
  • All the basic functions of HubSpot will be reviewed before the end of the call.
  • Goal: To introduce you to the functionality of HubSpot and give you different relevant avenues to explore before the next call.
Contact Management Overview
  • The main focus of this session will be to get you familiar with the Contacts Tab features in HubSpot.
  • Goal: To ensure all functionality of Contacts Hub is understood like putting contacts/companies into a list and being able to organize them through different filters so you can ramp up your lead generation efforts.
Marketing Hub Overview
  • We will take a glance at the Marketing Hub and all its features.
  • Some of these features include ads, creating landing pages creating e-mail templates, form creation, social media tracking, and more!
  • Goal: Ensure your understanding of how the vast number of Marketing Hub features that can enhance your customer’s experience with your brand.
Sales Hub Overview
  • The center of attention for this session will be focusing on how the Sales Hub aligns with the Marketing Hub. The sales pipeline will be looked at in-depth as well.
  • Goal: The sales pipeline is understood in terms of you how it works, how you can track your entire pipeline, and how you can track the entire pipeline.
Automation Overview
  • Automation without sounding impersonal can be one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing. We will teach you how to be personable through HubSpot’s automation features.
  • Goal: To develop your understanding of how to create successful automations with your brand’s tone.
Reporting Overview
  • Numbers don’t lie! So we will show you the reporting options and the features of the reports tab in HubSpot.
  • Some of these features include deals won, deals lost, and who your best sales performers are.
  • Goal: To broaden your understanding of reporting and provide you with the right understanding of the reports provided by HubSpot to ensure your company sees the greatest ROI.

"James and his team provided helpful insight around our decision to switch to Hubspot from Pardot and were very instrumental every step of the implementation (and continue to be, now that we're up and running)"

Amanda Kubista, Moovilla