The problem: Insite Software purchased the Marketing Automation platform Pardot and needed help getting the most out of it.
The solution: James Pellizzi & Company came in and did listening sessions to first understand what Insite Software was looking to do from a Marketing Strategy standpoint.  They then sought to align the features of Pardot with it.  

The components: It included all of the basic features of Pardot and focused mostly on Technical Consultation:

  • Salesforce Integration and ensuring the sync was setup properly.
  • Segmentation and List Management.
  • E-mail Template Creation best practice
  • Reporting Overview
  • Dynamic Content Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Scoring Model to alert sales when a prospect was ready
  • General Training on an array of other topics

Said Andy Pass of Insite Software, “James was pivotal in our launch of Pardot. He took the time to dig deep into our requirements and helped us flush out what we needed not just what we thought we wanted.”

They were knowledgeable, thorough and genuinely interested in our success as a company.

Budget: $$$

Andy can be reached at or get in touch at Pellizziandcompany/contact.