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The problem: Halling & Cayo had dabbled in various marketing initiatives over the years with limited success.  They had idea’s of what marketing could do, but no one at the firm to implement it or push them forward.  It often fell to attorney’s that were too busy with their legal tasks.

The solution: James Pellizzi & Company came in and did the following:

  • Led Interviews and discovery sessions with all attorneys to understand what they wanted out of Marketing.
  • Recommended a branding initiative to find a compelling story that would resonate with their desired audience.
  • Recommended a plan to bring on new technology to deliver that story.
  • Recommended James be onsite as the Account Executive two days per week to lead initiatives, help the company understand the new processes and just be around to answer general questions.  

The components:

  • Led a Branding Initiative that produced a new logo, new tagline and better understanding of how the firm is viewed in the marketplace. Ask to see a sample of the Brand Guide Booklet!
  • Took over Website Maintenance and updated web skins.
  • Increased SEO key words for specialty areas around the city of Milwaukee
  • Established E-mail Marketing, including:
    • Picking the right technology and implementing.
    • Integrated to website.  Anytime a form is filled out, a new contact populates multiple segments.
    • Automated Thank You and Review Request e-mails go out to all form fills.
    • Monthly Newsletter created and sent.
  • Took over social media platforms and lead lunch and learns for best practice on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Also curate content.
  • Established Google Ads and mechanisms to track phone calls and form fills generated.  
  • Video production to showcase culture, expertise and attorney’s at the firm.
  • Put together mechanism to track revenue generated from marketing efforts.

Budget: $$$$$

To speak with someone from Halling, e-mail Richard Cayo at RJC@hallingcayo.com or Sean Sweeney at SMS@hallingcayo.com or get in touch here: pellizziandcompany/contact