Let’s take your Marketing Services to the next level … together!

Initial two hour engagements are free.  From there, the first month is time and material.  Then if both parties deem there is a good fit, a monthly retainer is setup to manage a tailored offering. 

Below are all of the marketing services we offer.

E-mail Marketing Setup / Management
We’ll set you up with a Mailchimp Account, integrate it to your website, build segments and generate content for you.  The latter includes a newsletter and promotion send.  Additionally, we can take over existing Marketing Automation Platforms.

Social Media Marketing Setup / Management
We’ll set you up with a Facebook and LinkedIn page, generate content and schedule out posts.  We’ll also create advertisements for you and targeted audiences that need your service/product.  The latter includes an advertising spend you’re responsible for.  We recommend $500 for each ad to get started.

Google Ads Management Setup / Management
We’ll setup Google Ads or take over your existing account.  We’ll make sure it’s setup correctly, create ads & audiences and monitor daily to increase your brand awareness and lead generation.

Search Engine Optimization
We’ll start by updating your title tags and meta descriptions to give you a better chance at showing up on page 1 of search engines.  From there, we’ll take a look at everything on the back-end to make sure Google and Bing’s ever changing algorithm continues to look at your site favorably.

Website Creation
We like Squarespace.  We will lead some simple discovery sessions with you and your team and then design a site that speaks to your prospects & clients.  Prices vary widely depending on the type of site you want, ecommerce functionality, platform, etc.

Marketing Automation Technical Consultation
Do you have Pardot, Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo or a similar Marketing Automation platform?  Do you have a scoring model in place?  Is the CRM component integrated?  Are you using a mix of dynamic segments, automation rules, drip campaigns, etc?  If you can’t answer those questions, let’s talk.

Digital Marketing Roadmap
Just getting started or not sure where to begin?  We hold Digital Marketing planning sessions where we educate you on what is possible and then carve out a plan specific to your industry, needs and wants.

Health Check
Are you currently running campaigns or have a Marketing Automation platform.  We’ll open the hood and give you a grade, identify gaps and provide recommendations for improvement.  Learn more.

Branding & Traditional Ad Creation – Basic branding and advertisements are included in all of the above buckets.  If you need a brand refresh / overhaul and a mix of traditional advertisements, we can also help.


Will James Pellizzi & Company perform additional marketing activities?

Yes. The buckets are geared towards creating sustainable brand awareness, lead generation and customer retention campaigns and we strive to be the best at it. We manage all marketing services for some of our clients, though. Let us know what you’re thinking!

Do I need a Marketing Automation Platform?

It certainly helps, but no. Most of this can be done with just a website and a strong will.

What if I have a Marketing Automation Platform?

Great! We’ll either take it over or open up the hood to ensure it’s working properly. We will also align it to all of the components we set up. We’re well versed in Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo and Eloqua.

What if we don’t have a Marketing Automation platform?

We recommend Mailchimp or GreenArrow to get started. We can also set them up for you.

Is there a start-up fee?

No. The engagement begins with the first month’s payment.

What about ad spend? Is that included in the retainers?

No. You are responsible for your ad spend. We generally recommend that you spend the same amount as the managed services. So you would spend $5,000 on ads and $5,000 on managing all campaigns.