The Problem: PKWare was looking to get the most out of their Marketing Automation platform and trying to understand what other options were available. 

The Solution: James Pellizzi & Company came in and conducted a roadmap session with the marketing and technology teams.  They charted out:

  • An Objective.  Why was PKWare embarking on this and how would they sell it to their executive team?
  • Foundational Items.  What did PKWare need for a chance at success?
  • Quick Wins:  How would they build confidence with the process and get it turned on immediately?
  • Full Maturity:  What could Digital Marketing do for the organization over the next 10 years.

^ Ask if you can see a sample of it!

In addition, James Pellizzi & Company stayed on as Technical Consultants and took over their Marketing Automation platform.   Improvements were made to their scoring model, weekly e-mails, and various ad platforms. 

Carlos Lopez, Digital Strategist

Said Carlos Lopez, Digital Strategist at the time, “These guys have an uncanny ability to digest information from many viewpoints/objectives/motives and then tie them together into a cohesive executable strategy. They understand the many moving pieces that need to be accounted for and thought through in order to deliver successful campaigns.  They then go all in and are not satisfied to just be the “idea people”..

They will roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Budget: $$$$

Carlos can be reached at or get in touch here: pellizziandcompany/contact