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JP&C to the Rescue

In 2018, GreenArrow – an email software provider based out of Indiana – sought out a marketing partner to help develop a robust digital marketing strategy, craft an impactful brand, and write smart messaging that would carry over into their new website and online advertising. Over the past year and a half, JP&C has continued to execute its strategy to successfully position the GreenArrow brand as an industry leader in their corner of the On-Premises and Cloud Email Software market space. 

Solution At-A-Glance

A complete list of all services provided to GreenArrow during our engagement together:

  • Customer Experience Assessment & Interviews
  • Company Name Change Explore
  • Complete Brand & Logo Design Overhaul
  • Copywriting Assistance
  • Website Redesign
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Ad Campaigns – PPC & Display Ad
  • Hubspot Management

Our Results 

To date, James Pellizzi & Company has generated 1 million impressions, 9,059 clicks, and 124 conversions for GreenArrow Email through different digital marketing avenues. These impressions and clicks have led to 78 deals, 9 of which were won.


How did we do it?

Our solution in depth.

James Pellizzi & Company process

For the first few months of the engagement, James Pellizzi and Katie Robleski got in the trenches with the GreenArrow team to develop the initial digital marketing and brand roadmap. To start, James and Katie lead efforts to assess GreenArrow’s industry landscape, highly technical product portfolio, and tech-savvy and marketing conscious audience. By conducted interviews with both the GreenArrow team and their customers, it was easy to see how their specific software & service solution would best serve their ideal targets: high-volume email senders and email service providers.

Audience pain points

Kano Model

Target Audience

With a better understanding of GreenArrow’s audience and its software products’ unique position in the market, everyone got to work.

Brand Overhaul & Nixing A New Company Name

Service: Name Change Explore

If your business name no longer means what it used to – historically, personally, functionally, or otherwise – a change is definitely worth exploring. When you’re already planning to rebrand and launch under a new website domain, it might be worth the time and financial investment, even if you decide not to follow through. Such was the case with GreenArrow, who was competing in browser search volume with a popular superhero by the same name.

Changing your business name

After 40+ hours of brainstorming, checking domain availability, and trademark research, with hundreds of names considered and narrowed down to 30 options, GreenArrow decided to keep its name – the exploration simply proved to them how invested the team was in its legacy.

Service: Brand Storytelling & Redesign

With a refined audience in mind, Katie began the GreenArrow brand redesign by crafting three different logos, each accompanied by its own unique brand story. The team selected the one more representative of their mission and future:

GreenArrow Brand

The “Send Smart” story

Your audience doesn’t just need software that works. Or their emails getting to the inbox.
They need someone to show them how to email smarter.
Because they want to email smarter.

Email delivery software for people who need a smarter, more powerful send.
They need power. They need reliability. They need options.
And they need a support team who is on their side.


Along with this new brand story, logo, an updated color palette, and fonts, plus new illustrations and icons, JP&C was ready to start the next phase of the engagement.

Service: Website Redesign & Content Overhaul

GreenArrow’s new website was developed in three stages:

  1. Updated Website Architecture: JP&C refreshed the GreenArrow sitemap to improve the organization of products, better highlight GreenArrow’s features and benefits, and lay the foundation for a “knowledge hub” to house articles, videos, and other resources that would boost the “send smarter” brand story.
  2. Content Overhaul: Based on the approved sitemap, JP&C leveraged writing from the GreenArrow team and applied the new brand story and tone of voice so the copy would read more conversational without losing its technical quality. Content included a new Solutions overview, “Why GreenArrow” section, separate landing pages for each target audience, a page devoted to Customer Success Stories, and the aforementioned knowledge hub.
  3. Updated Website Design: As copywriting was approved, JP&C created architectural wireframes for each page in the sitemap, so the development team could construct WordPress page templates based on the new visual brand design.
    New logo

Service: Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution


After the launch of the GreenArrow website in 2019, JP&C developed a detailed marketing roadmap for 2020 that would bolster their website experience and increase their presence online through organic traffic and paid advertising. Keeping a watchful eye on their analytics and audience insights, JP&C is always fine-tuning this roadmap to meet GreenArrow’s business objectives, prospective customer needs, as well as industry and economic challenges. 

For example, based on website traffic, keyword research, and other audience insights, we revamped the copywriting on landing pages and launched dozens of new Google ads to direct traffic to capture more leads, with much success.

About GreenArrow

Based out of Indiana, GreenArrow is an email software provider with both On-Premises MTA and turnkey, SMTP / API email Cloud delivery solutions, with an optional email marketing application. GreenArrow’s software caters to high volume senders (up to 8 million messages per hour on a single server). GreenArrow’s customers expect high-speed and high-performance from their email software, and that’s what GreenArrow delivers. But what they’re renowned for is to consistently provide premium technical support that vastly surpasses their competitors’ service. Whether it’s better control over technology, clearer visibility into results, or support when you need it, GreenArrow gives you the tools and knowledge to connect to subscribers and grow business.

Client contact: Jeff Anderson, General Manager