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New Beginnings

In 2018, James reached out to Halling & Cayo for legal advice following a breakup with his then-current employer.  At the same time, Halling & Cayo shareholder, Sean Sweeney, had been exploring bringing in a Marketing partner.  He decided to give James an opportunity after they realized they had the same desire: To get companies to outsource their marketing efforts and focus on leadgen. James started managing web efforts and doing general Marketing consultation work and eventually, his firm took over all marketing efforts at the firm.


A high-level list of services provided to Halling & Cayo during our engagement together:

Search Engine Optimization

  • Regular monitoring of search terms, updating of title tags and meta descriptions, and constant maintenance to ensure web traffic stays at or above 1k hits per month.

Email Marketing Efforts

  • Setup automated “Thank You” emails to anyone who inquires about the firm as well as automated review emails after a case has closed.  
  • Created a monthly newsletter and quarterly promo blasts for different practice areas.

Website Maintenance

  • Any website issues, including security, creating new landing pages, and any user issues.

New Websites

  • Created new pages for Family Law, Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, and Flat Fee.

Created Videos for use on Digital Channels

  • Produced over 50 videos including topic generation, question & answer format, conducting interviews, editing, and posting.

Social Media Management

  • Took over Facebook and Linkedin and created a social calendar to increase brand awareness in Southeast Wisconsin.

Paid Ads Campaigns (Google & Facebook)

  • Took over Google Pay Per Click and managed over 15 campaigns, including keyword research, ad creation, bid management, and tracking conversions.

General Marketing Consultation

  • Pretty much anything and everything they needed for Marketing, including a refreshed brand.


2017 Leads: 0

2018 Leads: 45, over $50k generated

2019 Leads: 425, over $200k generated


The Goal:
Establish a Digital Presence for Halling & Cayo

Service: Rebranding Halling & Cayo

To take over the digital landscape, you need a compelling story.  The JP&C team embarked on a journey to freshen Halling & Cayo’s brand that not only gave them a fresh image but brought the team together for honest discussions on where they wanted to go in the future.  

Post discussions, JP&C put the pieces of the puzzle together to come up with a logo and brand story, specific to who Halling & Cayo are.


Here is what we came up with and why we chose it:

When a potential client is looking around for services, they want to know what you stand for.  

Developing a value system, or “core themes” in Halling & Cayo’s case, shows the customer exactly who they could potentially be working with.  It gives the brand a strong identity to live up to.

Unconventional, Innovative, Perseverent, and Mindful: This is Halling and Cayo

Service: Email Marketing

The JP&C team brought on a paid version of Mailchimp and immediately integrated it to their WordPress website.  Anytime a lead-filled out a form, we automatically populated the corresponding segment and sent them a Thank You email and a future email asking for a review on Google.  Google reviews are highly respected among searchers online, as they help with SEO.  This also put us in a position to send monthly newsletters and occasional promo blasts.

In addition, we created automated set it and forget it campaigns for their securities division that sent a series of 7 emails over a long period of time to the person who filled out the respective form, to keep them front of mind for any investors that may find themselves at risk.  This effort was purely brand awareness with lead generation efforts to land clients that are in need of services similar to what Halling & Cayo offer.

Monthly Newsletter: Keeping your audience up-to-date 

Automated Thank You Emails

Automated “Thank You” emails make clients ensure that clients feel right at home while and after working with you

Service: Video Production

As mentioned, the JP&C team came in and did videos with many of the attorneys.  This allowed the team to push beyond just blog creation or standard ads.  We put a human face to the brand and gave leads an opportunity to imagine what it’s like to talk with each individual.

Like any video attached to marketing, they are extremely versatile. These videos are currently being used on different landing pages, monthly newsletters, and social media for both organic posts and paid ads. People are more likely to watch a one-minute video snippet, opposed to paragraphs of text.

Tying in a human element to a web page can make a potential client feel at ease and begin to ponder a future relationship with the brand.

Service: Creating/Updating Landing Pages

After updating the main page with the refreshed brand, the JP&C team also created brand new pages based on attorney requests.  We held discovery sessions to learn about the problem they wanted to solve and then crafted a website experience that answered those questions and put the attorneys in the shoes of the ones they wanted to help.

These questions were answered during the video shoot and the videos were placed on their respective landing pages.  These videos on the landing pages also are accompanied by copywriting and a contact form as the call-to-action.

Service: Paid Ads

Lots of companies embark on Pay-Per-Click ads and JP&C wasn’t any different.  The key point we made was that once we dialed in the PPC campaigns to produce leads, they would need to be followed up on.  There was no point in doing this if no one would turn them into new clients.  

By the end of the year, we had created personal campaigns with individual spends for each attorney.  When they were busy, they could turn them off and when they were looking for more work, they could spool the spend up.  It was all tailored to the individual lawyer and their workload. 

The goal was to keep them at a comfortable growth level where they could focus on their clients but still generate new one’s when there was an opportunity.

The Company That Started It All:

How this partnership created James Pellizzi & Co. as a full-service marketing agency.

Halling & Cayo will always have a special place in our company’s history.  They gave us a chance and James took the relationship and the work very seriously.  Whatever he said, he made sure he did.  If there was a problem (and there were) he jumped in to make things right.  He knew that the success of this account would spell whether or not his company could have other successful partners.  

Today, Halling & Cayo remains our more important client because of all of this.  Working with them on a yearly basis and having their trust means everything.  We’ll never stop managing all of their marketing efforts and we feel part of their team and strongly connected to their brand.


About Halling & Cayo

Based out of the Third Ward in Milwaukee, Halling & Cayo is a full-service law firm that is comprised of experienced attorneys with a vast range of expertise. Practice areas include Business Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Securities Litigation, and more. The attorneys at H&C provide in-depth knowledge of Wisconsin law that often has other lawyers seeking their advice! Halling & Cayo is committed to protecting clients’ rights, no matter the case. 

Client testimonial:

Client contact: Sean Sweeney, Shareholder at Halling and Cayo, S.C.