JIFRAM Extrusions


Fate Sends a Sign

In 2018, Jifram – a custom plastic extrusions manufacturer – was seeking a marketing partner that would help them increase website traffic, generate leads, and increase RFQs. They contacted our team after spotting CEO James Pellizzi on TMJ4’s “The Morning Blend”. After a detailed discovery session with the client, the Pellizzi & Company team embarked on a process of going into the trenches of the plastic extrusion industry to figure out how a great brand could be enhanced through digital solutions.


A high-level list of services provided to Jifram during our engagement together:

Search Engine Optimization & Copywriting

  • Consistent, in-depth market research on the terms being used and searched for most by our customers and prospects
  • Copy updates to any/all pages where opportunities are found

Email Marketing Efforts

  • Maintenance of existing contact list, further-strategized segmentation of said list, and coordinating how/where new contacts are added/live in the database(s)
  • New email newsletter template created
  • Monthly newsletter sends accompanied by one-off E-blasts for important communications (Covid-19 updates, new products, etc.)

JP&C took over website maintenance

UX Revitalization

  • A complete overhaul of the Homepage, Industries, Videos, Navigation Menus, Global Header/Footer, and other various pages 

Created Videos for use on Digital Channels

  • Strategized, scripted, recorded, edited, subtitled, and placed on-site and deployed on social media

Social Media Revitalization

  • LinkedIn lunch and learns held with Jifram salespeople to educate them on how to enhance their digital presence/boast Jifram’s offerings to their followers

Paid Ads Campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google)

  • Retargeting, account-based marketing, audience creation, keyword research

General Marketing Consultation

  • For anything and everything, we are Jifram’s marketing arm. We are available 24/7 to explain trends/processes, bounce ideas around, and everything in between.


2019 Q1 RFQs: 57
2020 Q1 RFQs: 226

396% YOY increase

The Goal: Drive RFQs

Service: Search Engine Optimization

It’s one thing to have a good website, it’s another to have a website that attracts customers through SEO. The JP&C team put our heads together to evaluate the plastic extrusion industry with the help of Jifram’s knowledge. Then, our team jumped in the deep end of keyword research and generated keywords that had high search volume and were relevant to Jifram’s products. This got us off and running so we could write new copy and add internal linking to boost areas like their homepage “Channel Profiles” section and their “Industries & Markets” pages:

Before-and-after screenshots of Jifram’s Homepage:

Before-and-after screenshots of Jifram’s Industries & Markets landing page:

Service: Video Production

The JP&C team consists of many unique individuals that bring many different skill sets to the table. We hooked in our video production team one afternoon for a video shoot with Jifram’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Wayne Meyer. That afternoon, we interviewed Wayne on common questions people may have about the company or industry, based on our keyword research

Video = Versatility. The videos produced that afternoon include evergreen content, that will be relevant for years to come. They can be posted on social media to feed audiences with content/information about your brand or they can be the centerpiece of a landing page!

Videos are a great way to communicate to your audience when they are checking out what your brand is about!

Service: Creating/Updating Landing Pages

Upon completion, we had our video production team cut twelve one-minute videos that all would now live on their own landing pages. The motive of each of these landing pages is to inform the potential customer about a question they may have had, and guide them to take the next step.  

Jifram’s “Videos” Page:

Guiding a customer to the next step can be tough through words without sounding “salesy” sometimes, so a simple contact form was added to the bottom of the page(s). The purpose of the form is to guide the potential customer to an expert at Jifram for an RFQ.


Before-and-after screenshots – adding a new simple RFQ form:

Your potential customers are looking for information to ensure you are the right fit for their needs. So lay it out and encourage them to contact you.

Transparency = Less Confusion. Landing pages are a great way to generate leads through coherent and wholesome content.

Landing pages are just one step in the right direction for bettering a company’s website, so we perform constant maintenance to enhance the user’s experience with the Jifram brand.

Service: Website/UX Maintenance

Performing maintenance is a critical part of keeping a constant brand image with the company’s current situation. A brand can evolve over time, so keeping the website up to date is important to make the user experience a beneficial one

What are some of the initiatives included in maintenance in a situation like Jifram’s?

  1. Quarterly SEO Reviews: We keep an eye on how keywords are performing and filter out ones that are underperforming. This helps drive more RELEVANT traffic to their website.
  2. UX Improvements: We like to listen to what the crowd has to say sometimes. So, we listen to what Jifram’s customers have to say about their experience on Jifram’s site and adjust the UX to be more friendly based on their feedback.
  3. Build out new pages from scratch: In order to keep up with what the company’s ever-evolving brand, we update and build out new pages based on their actions. We have built out new video pages, industry pages, and product pages, such as their “Sneeze Guard” page, to drive RFQs.

Keeping the UX of your website homepage up to date is important because it may be the first impression the user will have with your brand. 

  • We updated the main navigation so major calls-to-action – like the green “Instant Quote” button at the very top and blue “Get a Custom Quote” button in the menu – are easier to find.
  • We added a clickable hero banner to spotlight a crucial product offering
  • We trimmed up the copy so it was easier to read and digest

Before-and-after screenshots of Jifram’s Homepage:



Service: Monthly Email Newsletter

Marketing strategies can take different avenues, one of those avenues being email newsletters. The importance of newsletters is to give your audience the latest information on what is going on within your business, that is relevant to them.

We took over Jifram’s monthly newsletter in efforts to keep newsletter subscribers, potential leads, and current customers informed on what is happening within the company. The goal is to drive traffic to the Jifram site through engagement to increase brand awareness, increase product awareness and encourage RFQs.












Agility Changes the Game

How JP&C helped Jifram turn a global pandemic into a massive opportunity

Covid-19 rocked the manufacturing world. Orders dwindled, warehouses paused operations, and uncertainty skyrocketed. Jifram was not immune to the challenges ahead; it was time to get creative.

Here’s how it all went down:

1️⃣  Tough conversations. As manufacturing plants shut down across the world, it was apparent that business may slow down and the pipelines may dry up.

2️⃣  Time to get creative. We received a few inquiries for extrusions that we were already producing but heard great feedback on how we could make them better suited for a product gaining major steam: Sneeze Guards.

3️⃣  Time to get to work. The JP&C team put our heads together and laid out a strategy, got approval for the increased ad-spend budget, and got to work.

4️⃣  Go time.

  • Photograph all Sneeze Guard plastic profile components
  • Complete SEO/keyword research
  • Write new copy
  • Create new landing page
  • Execute Email blasts
  • Deploy social media strategies/ad campaigns
  • Construct Retargeting Ads
  • Consistently monitor search terms to ensure our page was chock-full of the correct keywords that would show the right people what we could offer

Our Sneeze Guard landing page is now one of the most visited pages on the website site and we’ve received RFQs from schools, offices, and government buildings all across the nation looking to build sneeze guards with the help of Jifram’s plastic profiles.

When life gives you lemons (or, a global pandemic), build out a really good digital marketing campaign.

About Jifram

JIFRAM Extrusions is a manufacturer of custom plastic extrusions and is located in Sheboygan Falls, WI.  

Since 1981, they’ve been working hard to maintain their reputation as a quality plastic extrusions supplier to the POP (point of purchase), home furnishing, office furniture, visual merchandising, automotive, recreational, medical, O.E.M. machinery, electrical, agricultural products and building supply industries.

Customer Service is at the center of everything they do and their website has been designed as an epicenter for resources, including an Instant Quote tool that gets customers the information they need as quickly as its name suggests.  

Client testimonial:

“After analyzing all of the data generated by my website, James and his team were able to provide me with succinct, spot-on, actionable recommendations that have improved my website’s performance. JP&C are my “go-to” digital marketing experts and they are now managing web, SEO, e-mail, and more!”

Client contact:

Wayne Meyer, Director of Sales & Marketing