Tuscany Bistro Bar & Grill


Starting from Scratch

In June of 2020, Tuscany Bistro of Kenosha, WI, was re-evaluating their online presence, when they noticed they were missing a key ingredient, a sleek, responsive, up-to-date website that fit their brand. As a result, they reached out to James Pellizzi & Company (JP&C) to cook up a new site with some Tuscany flare.


A high-level list of services provided to Tuscany Bistro during our time together:

  • Website Overhaul
    • With a very out-of-date website, Tuscany handed over the website design reigns to JP&C to design a website that would appeal to their target customers
  • Copywriting
    • Wrote copy for all new website pages
  • Video Production
    • Produced videos that are integrated on the new website, and can be used for social media posts or email marketing
  • E-Commerce Integration
    • Integrated a system where Gift Cards can be purchased
    • Integrated ChowNow, so Tuscany customers can order takeout with ease


-As of September 29th, 2020 (Website Launched August)

5,458 Unique Visitors

10,500 Page Views

5 Events Booked

2 Catering Events Booked

The Goal: Enhancing Tuscany’s Brand Image by Creating a Digitally-Sound Website

Service: Design Overhaul

According to research, you have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression on your website’s visitors. The site will tell them everything about your restaurant. It should emulate the feeling that they will get while dining at your restaurant or visiting your business. So, we wanted to make sure that we embodied how it feels to dine at Tuscany when someone comes across their website.

We started with a brand discovery. We wanted to know everything from a brand perspective to a dining experience at Tuscany. A deep dive into this helped us get off on the right foot from a design standpoint. Tuscany’s owner, Theresa Robinson, said she envisions people “feeling at home” when they step into her restaurant. So mirroring that vision we did.

Tuscany Bistro: “Welcome Home”

Make a great first impression, then show them what you are all about.

After drawing in your audience in the first couple of milliseconds, you want to give them a memorable user-experience that is easily navigable, so it can serve the purpose of what they are looking for in the first place. 

A Night Out… A Special Occasion… or a Business Event… What Brings you to Tuscany?

Service: Copywriting

Copywriting and Design go hand-in-hand when it comes to creating a user-friendly experience on a website. The design draws them in and captures their attention. Then the copywriting informs them of your business’s story and what it has to offer to them. So, based on the brand discovery, we copywrote, “Our Story”, which overviews how Tuscany Bistro evolved into what is now one of Kenosha’s finest Italian Restaurants.

To branch off of Tuscany Bistro’s story, we created four “Tuscany Values” to symbolize everything they believe in, and abide by, as a brand.

“Our Tuscany Values”: Passion, Excellence, Authenticity, Consistency

Service: Video Production

To add in a human element and encourage engagement on the website, we decided to produce videos for Tuscany. These videos were placed on the website on respective pages where the videos were seen as relevant. An interview with Owner/Chef Theresa was conducted and 1-minute snippets were pulled from it to create brief videos to provide relevant information to the viewer. 

Tuscany Bistro Video Shoot

Video production specialist, Mike Neff, also shot gimbal footage of the restaurant and Chef Theresa and Carlos in action in the kitchen to give viewers an all-in-one experience in one-minute videos.

The End Product:

Service: Implementing Online Reservation System

Tuscany Bistro sees an influx of reservations made over the phone and wanted an easier way for customers to make reservations, while employees time, so they can focus on creating the perfect dining experience. So, the JP&C integrated TableAgent into the new website, adding a button on the home page, that the visitor sees immediately when they enter the website, which leads to a page to make a reservation.

TableAgent Integration

Service: E-Commerce Integration

Saving customer’s time is also something Tuscany wanted to ensure while creating a new website. Instead of having customers come to the physical restaurant to buy a gift card, they wanted the customer to be able to buy one from wherever they may be located. In case someone cannot make it to the restaurant because of their work hours, inclement weather, or in this case a pandemic, a Tuscany Bistro Gift Card is now easier than ever to purchase!

Gift Card Integration

About Tuscany Bistro

Based in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Tuscany Bistro Tuscany Bistro Bar & Grill is the community’s go-to spot to indulge in a favorite Italian dish, a charming place to celebrate special occasions, big or small, a convenient location for a business dinner meeting between Milwaukee and Chicago, and a perfect setting for a cozy date night or intimate dinner with friends and family. 

Client testimonial: “James and his team exceeded my expectations of being able to bring our brand to life. They were awesome to work with and very responsive to my needs, no matter how urgent they were. We have had many positive comments about the website from our customers as well. I look forward to our next time working together on a digital marketing project.”

Client contact: Theresa Robinson, Owner, Tuscany Bistro Bar & Grill