The problem: Valassis was exploring new ways for Lead Generation and were looking to implement social media from the ground up.

The solution: James Pellizzi and Company came in and recommended the following:

  • Discovery Session to better understand what each platform could do for their business.
  • Establish Facebook and Facebook Ads
  • Establish LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads
  • Establish Google Ads
  • Establish E-mail Marketing for automated follow-up to any leads generated

Other components: Valassis had multiple resources in their marketing department, so James and Company focused on the strategy, technical consultation/setup and ensuring the process was built correctly.  Valassis handled all ad creation and made recommendations for audience targets.  

Trisha Cardin, Director of Marketing

Said Trisha Cardin, Director of Marketing, “I had the pleasure of working with James in the development of a national integrated digital strategy. James and his team helped in the development of a very targeted strategy, building the platform from the ground up for a new business segment. I found James to be highly responsive and collaborative as he partnered with us and appreciated the additional time that he took in helping educate the team during the entire process.

Their expertise and deep understanding of digital marketing was integral in the development of a year long strategy in which each component complimented each other to yield results that exceeded expectations

Budget: $$$$

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